Teacher Kristine Ann Asuelo

名前:Kristine Ann Asuelo(クリスティン・アン・アズエロ)



Hello everyone! Konnichiwa! I am Kristine Ann Asuelo. Just call me, Kris or Teacher Kris. I am a licensed teacher and I‘ve been teaching English for many years. I also had the opportunity to study Trainers Methodology Level 1. This training focuses on teaching and students’ learning methods and strategies. It helps me improve my ability to understand more on students’ personality, how to motivate students and to teach in an easy way and enjoyable as much as possible. For me, teaching isn’t only explaining the students what they need to learn but encouraging them to learn as well. In my class, I am going to teach you not only the basic in English like proper English pronunciation or what they call speech improvements, but also speaking that will improve your communication skills and confidence to talk with other people. You don’t need to be afraid to commit mistakes coz I am here to guide you. I’m looking forward to see you in my class and let’s explore English language together in a fun and easy way. Have a nice day!